Department of Electric Power Supply and Equipment

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Hristo Todorov Ibrishimov, Ph.D.

Room:  2710
Phone: +359 66 827 271

Academic organizer: Gabriela Evgenieva Todorova
  Room: 2609
Phone: +359 66 827 252
Department website:

Brief Background

The Department of Electric Power Supply and Equipment was established in 1970 under the name “Department of Electric Machines and Equipment”. It began teaching part-time students the subject “Electric Machines and Units”. Since 1984 the Department has been named “Department of Electric Power Supply and Equipment” and started teaching “Electric Power Supply and Equipment” to both full and part-time undergraduates. Since 1997 it has been teaching the generalized subject “Electric Power Engineering and Electric Equipment” as part of the vocational qualification trend “Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation”.

Heads of the Department were as follows: Assoc. Prof. Dimcho Tsvetkov /1970 – 1971/, Prof. Ivan А. Maslarov, D.Sc. /1971 – 1972/, Prof. Nikola Trifonov, D.Sc. /1972 – 1976/, Assoc. Prof. Todor Petrov, Ph.D. /1976 – 1993/, Prof. Pencho Vladimirov, D.Sc. /1993 – 2000/, Assoc. Prof. Milka Konsulova, Ph.D. /2000 – 2004/, Assoc. Prof. Stoyo Platikanov, Ph.D. /2004 – 2012/.

Bachelor and Master Degree courses are taught in the Department.

Ph.D. courses are taught in the following three scientific subjects:

  • 02.04.07 “Lighting Engineering and Lighting Sources”;
  • 02.04.10 “Electro-mechanics”;
  • 02.04.15 “Electric Power Supply and Equipment”.

The Department is a leader in training of students in the degree course “Electric Power Engineering and Electric Equipment”.

Over the past 41 years since the establishment of the Department (1970-2011) the number of graduates who have defended their theses and took a Master’s degree amounts to 1561 and another 346 obtained the educational-qualification degree of Bachelor and the title “Electric engineer”. In 1999, 2004 and 2009 the degree course “Electric Power Engineering and Electric Equipment” was accredited with an assessment grade of “very good”.

Department Staff

Name and academic rank



Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Hristo Todorov Ibrishimov, Ph.D.
+359 66 827 310

+359 66 827 271
Academic organizer:
Gabriela Evgenieva Todorova


+359 66 827 252

Assoc. Prof. Plamen Tsenkov Tsankov, Ph. D.



+359 66 800 224

+359 66 827 271

Assoc. Prof. Svilen Radoslavov Rachev, Ph.D.
+359 66 827 253
+359 66 827 653
Chief Assist.Prof. Dimitrina Yordanova Koeva, Ph.D 2702 +359 66 827 572
Chief Assist.Prof. Tsvetozar Georgiev Petkov, Ph.D. 2504 +359 66 827 311
Chief Assist.Prof. Emil Petrov Stanev, Ph.D. 2504 +359 66 827 311
Chief Assist.Prof. Lyubomir Diyanov Dimitrov, Ph.D. 2705 +359 66 827 253
Chief Assist.Prof. Milko Todorov Yovchev, Ph.D. 2607 +359 66 827 310 
Electrical equipment engineer:    
Eng. Ivaylo Petrov Stoyanov 2701  +359 66 827 556


Major Subjects

Bachelor and Master degree courses include the following core disciplines taught by Department lecturers:

  • Electronics – Assoc. Prof. Deshka Markova, Ph. D.
  • Electric Machines, parts I and II –  Assoc. Prof. Totyo Iliev, Ph.D.
  • Electric Devices – Assoc Prof. M. Konsulova, Ph.D.
  • Fundamentals of  Automation – Assoc Prof. Deshka Markova, Ph.D.
  • Lighting and Installation Engineering – Assoc. Prof. S. Platikanov , Ph.D.
  • Automated  Electric Drive – Assoc Prof. Sv. Rachev , Ph.D.
  • Electric Power Supply – Assoc. Prof. S Platikanov , Ph.D.
  • Electric Equipment – Assoc Prof. Sv. Rachev , Ph.D.
  • Exploitation of Electrical Installations – Assoc Prof. M. Konsulova, Ph.D.
  • Industrial Power Supply Systems – Assoc. Prof. S. Platikanov, Ph.D.
  • Electric Equipment of Manufacturing Machines and Processes – Assoc Prof. Sv. Rachev , Ph.D.
  • Electric Technologies- Assoc. Prof. M. Konsulova, Ph.D.
  • Exploitation of Automated Devices and Systems – Assoc. Prof. T. Iliev, Ph.D.
  • Electromechanical Devices – Prof. P. Vladimirov, Ph.D.
  • Power Grid Optimization and Control – Assoc. Prof. S. Platikanov, Ph.D.
  • Electric Equipment of Automated and Robotized Devices – Assoc Prof. Sv. Rachev, Ph.D.
  • Applied Computer Methods – Assoc. Prof. Sv. Rachev, Ph.D. ; Chief Assist. Prof. Pl. Tsankov
  • Power Technology and Ecology – Chief Assist.Prof. St. Genchev
  • Automated Industrial Power Supply – Assoc. Prof. S. Platikanov, Ph.D. ; Chief Assist. Prof. P.Tsankov
  • Control Systems for Electric Drives – Assoc. Prof. P. Georgiev, Ph.D.
  • Electric Drives and  Electric Equipment – Assoc. Prof. Sv. Rachev, Ph.D.
  • Renewable  Energy Sources – Assoc. Prof. M. Konsulova, Ph.D.

The academic staff of the Department works in the following research areas:

  • Energy-efficient electrical devices
  • Renewable  energy sources
  • Lighting technology
  • Electrical equipment and drives

Scientific and Technical Cooperation

Joint research work and exchange with  similar departments from the Technical universities in Sofia, Varna, Rousse and institutions of higher education in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Chzeck Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Significant Scientific and Technical Developments:

“University 10 kWp photovoltaic system“, “Optimizing energy efficient lighting equipment in Bulgaria”, “Electro-magnetic brakes for  electric hoists“ and some others.

Implemented Projects in Energy Efficiency

In the period 1998-2011 the Department developed projects for  energy efficient reconstruction and upgrade of street lighting  in 23( twenty three) Bulgarian cities and towns: Bourgas , Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Gorna Oriahovitsa, Dobrich, Kardzhali, Lukovit, Nova Zagora, Pavlikeni, Pazardzhik, Samokov, Stara Zagora, Shumen, Yambol, Asenovgrad, Montana, Zlatograd, Haskovo, Liaskovets, Kazanlak, Pleven and Sliven.

Cooperation with  companies: PHILIPS, OSRAM, SIEMENS, AMK, МИЛИЕР, ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, WIP- München, General Electric, Кабел Комерс.

Authored and published course books and  study guides - 20

Issued Certificates of authorship and patents - 24

eseo patenti


Project JOU2-CT92-0155 “Development of a Stand Alone PV Power System for Remote Villages Making Use of Pumped Water Energy Storage”

Project ICOP-DEMO-2145-96 “Demonstration of a Hybrid Powered System for Navigation Lighthouses – Standardised Solution for Remote and Ecologically Sensitive Areas at the Black See Coast”

Project ICOP-DISS-2148-96 “Follow up Activities Concerning the Promotion of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources in Eastern Europe”

Project ICOP-DEMO-2154-96 “Development and Application of a Water Pumping System for Remote Areas Consisting of Photovoltaic (PV) Modules with Inverters Integrated into the PV Modules and a New Type of Asynchronous Pump Motor”

Contract 6.7211-40/I/97-005 “Training, Visits in the Field  of Renewable Energy Technologies (Photovoltaic Applications) between Greece/Germany and Bulgaria/ Romania”

Project within Fifth Framework Program for enlargement of application of photovoltaic systems 2003 – 2006 г.: PV Enlargement - NNE5/2001/736 “Technology Transfer, Demonstration and Scientific Exchange Action for the Establishment of a Strong European PV Sector” - 27 Partners from 10 Countries.


katedra eseo2s


University 10 kwp photovoltaic system connected to the grid developed by the Department

Specialized Laboratories

  1. “Electric Power Supply”
  2. “Electrical Equipment”
  3. “Lighting and Installation Equipment”
  4. “Electrical Machines”
  5. “Electrical Equipment and Electromechanical Devices”
  6. “Electronics”
  7. “ Exploitation of Automated Devices and Systems”
  8. “Electric Drive and Automation”
  9. “Exploitation of Electrical Installations”
  10. “АМК – Drives and Controls”


katedra eseo2s

Laboratory „Electric Power Supply”

katedra eseo3s

Laboratory „Electrical Equipment”


Laboratory „Lighting Technology”


Laboratory „Electrical Equipment and Electromechanical Devices”


Laboratory „Electrical Machines”


Laboratory „Technical Exploitation of Electrical Installations”


Laboratory „Electronics”


Laboratory „Electric Drives


LaboratoryExploitation of Automated Devices and Systems


Laboratory „АМК Drives”


The autonomous photovoltaic system of the Department on top of building „Bazhdar-2А”


Photovoltaic LED lighting in front of the Department building „Bazhdar-2А