Doctoral admission requirements for citizens of countries members of EU

Doctoral admission requirements at Technical University of Gabrovo

(for citizens of countries members of the European Union)


Applicants willing to follow postgraduate studies at Technical University of Gabrovo shall submit the following set of documents:

  1. CV;
  2. Letter of application indicating the subject/major they are willing to be trained in;
  3. Authenticated copy of Master’s degree diploma;
  4. Validated transcript of subjects covered in the master degree course;
  5. Authenticated copy of Bachelor degree diploma;
  6. Validated transcript of subjects covered in the bachelor degree course;
  7. Health certificate;
  8. List of publications if any;
  9. Copy of passport or ID.

Documents 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 shall be authenticated (with an Apostil stamp on them - for the countries, which have signed the 1961 Hague’s Convention) and translated into Bulgarian. Technical University of Gabrovo shall carry out a thorough check of all submitted documents for the purpose of verifying their authenticity.

The steps, which need to be followed during any enrolment here, are shown below.

First Step: Confirmation and Recognition of Master Degree Diploma

In order to be enrolled as a Doctoral student, every candidate must have obtained a Master Degree Diploma first. Technical University of Gabrovo must confirm and recognize each Master DegreeDiploma as well as check the recognition of the University(which has issued that diploma) by the respective Educational System. In order to start the above mentioned procedure the University needs legalized copies of the Bachelor and Master Degree Diplomas and their Diploma Supplements (Transcriptof Records). Furthermore, the Master Degree training period and all the subjects as well as the workload of academic hours passed by the prospective doctoral student must be compared to the Curriculum of the closest Master Degree course taught here. The confirmation procedure usually takes about 2 months. The fee forthe procedure is 100 BGN (about 60 EUR), which must be paid before thestart of the procedure. As soon as we get everything confirmed, we willbe able to start with the doctoral enrolment.

Second Step: Doctoral Enrolment

First option: the candidate to be enrolled as a part-time (self-study, individual)
Doctoral student. In order to do so he/she must have ready (prepared) more than 50% of
his/her Doctoral Dissertation. Furthermore, afterwe receive his/her Dissertation here, the Department, where the training will be conducted, shall organize a Meeting, whose purpose will be to consider applicant’s eligibility for enrolment at our University.
Аn affirmative resolution of the Departmental Meeting will entitle the potential candidate to enrolment in a Doctoral training programme. The annual tuition fee for part-time (individual) doctoral students is 2720 BGN (about 1391 EUR). The training period is 3 years.

Second option: the candidate to be enrolled as a full-time Doctoral student. A University commission inspects the application documents of the candidate and allows him/her to take a Doctoral entrance examination. The Doctoral entrance examination is carried out in accordance with the Rules for Admission and Training of Doctoral Students at Technical University of Gabrovo. Upon successfully passing the Doctoral entrance examination the candidate is entitled to enrolment in a Doctoral training programme. The annual tuition fee for full-time training is 2720 BGN (about 1391 EUR). The training period is 3 years.

Third option: the candidate to be enrolled as a part-time Doctoral student. The enrolment procedure is the same as the one for full-time Doctoral students. The annual tuition fee for part-time training is 2720 BGN (about 1391 EUR). The training period is 4 years.

Third Step: Training

With the support of the Department and the Supervisor an Individual Curriculum will be prepared. The subjects, which need to be covered by the Doctoral student
during his/her training period, will be shown in the Curriculum. The period of training for individual (self-study) doctoral students is 3 years, but the candidate gets the right to start with his/her Doctoral Dissertation Defence after the first year of training, as long as all the subjects shownin the Curriculum are successfully passed. For the full-time and part-time Doctoral students the 3 year training period must be concluded. The Dissertation DefenceProcedure must be paid by the candidate. It will cost about 1800 BGN (1000 EUR), depending on the status of the reviewers (Associate Professors or full Professors).


Additional Information:


The University offers accommodation at student hostels to all Doctoral students who would like to stay there. The rent is between 45 and 50 EUR per month. The cost of living is between 100 and 150 EUR per month.


Applied Mechanics

Materials Science andTechnology of Mechanical Engineering Materials

Construction Mechanics and Material Resistance

Machine Studies and Elements

Theory of Mechanisms, Machines and Automatic Lines

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives

Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Material Cutting and Cutting Tools

Machine Tools and Systems

Machines and Equipment for Light Industry

Lighting Equipment and Light Sources

Electrical Mechanics

Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment

Metrology and Metrology Equipment

Precision and Instrument Engineering

Industrial Heat Technologies

Communication Networks and Systems

Technology of Textile Materials


Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics

Integration of Electronics (by branches and research trends)

Industrial Electronics

Automation and Computer Science Elements and Devices

Computer Systems and Networks

Computer Aided Design in Engineering(by branches)

Computerized Systems for Information Processing and Control (by branches)