Department of Social and Economic Sciences

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Veleva Stoyanova – Todorova, Ph.D.
  Room: 1233
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 327
Academic Organizer: Dipl. Eng. Krasimira Ivanova Koendzhieva

Room: 1235
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 506

Brief Background

The Department of Social and Economic Sciences was established in 2010 by Order № 496/25.11.2010 of the Rector of TU - Gabrovo as a result of merging two departments – the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Economics of Commerce. These departments have undergone a long period of development and winning recognition, during which a team of highly qualified teaching staff was formed. Currently, the Department comprises 7 associate professors, 3 PhD degree holders, 2 chief assistant professors and one assistant professor enrolled in a PhD form of training.

Department Staff

Name and Academic Rank Room Phone E-mail
Assoc. Prof. Angelina Pencheva Pencheva, Ph.D. 1234 +359 (0)66 827 337
Assoc. Prof. Dobrin Ganchev Ganchev, Ph.D. 6502 +359 (0)66 827 428
Assoc. Prof. Emil Metodiev Indzhov, Ph.D. 1232 +359 (0)66 827 587
Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Veleva Stoyanova – Todorova, Ph.D. 1233 +359 (0)66 827 327
Assoc. Prof. Rumiana Ivanova Georgieva, Ph.D. 6213 +359 (0)66 827 482
Assoc. Prof. Svetla Boyanova Panayotova, Ph.D. 6401 +359 (0)66 827 523
Assoc. Prof. Tsvetelina Alexandrova Gankova – Ivanova, Ph.D. 6214 +359 (0)66 827 470
Chief Assist. Prof. Anton Kamenov Antonov, Ph.D. 1234 +359 (0)66 827 337
Assoc.  Prof. Liliana Ivanova Rusanova, Ph.D. 1236 +359 (0)66 827 357
Chief Assist. Prof. Miroslav Pantev Pantev, Ph.D. 1232 +359 (0)66 827 587
Chief Assist. Prof. Venelin Stefanov Alev 6502 +359 (0)66 827 428  
Chief Assist. Prof. Vesela Dimova Dimova 6501 +359 (0)66 827 495
Assist. Prof. Zhaneta Nikolaeva Tsoneva 1232 +359 (0)66 827 357
Guest Lecturers:
Assoc. Prof. Serafim Lyubomirov Petrov, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Sergey Todorov Naydenov, Ph.D.
Part-time Lecturers:
Prof. Mihail Dochev Mihaylov, D.Sc
Chief Assist. Prof. Ivo Hristov Guchkov, Ph.D.
Chief Assist. Prof. Kremena Bozhidarova Rayanova, Ph.D.

Degree Courses

The Department of Social and Economic Sciences is responsible for providing training in the Bachelor and Master degree courses „Social Work” and “Public Administration” and the Bachelor degree course “Economics of Commerce”.

Areas of Research

  • European Integration
  • Unemployment, policy in the labor market, social policy
  • Innovations in public administration
  • Organization and management of social work
  • Economics and management of commercial and industrial organizations
  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial models
  • Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Hygiene and Social Medicine
  • Electronic governance and electronic government
  • Industrial property
International and National Projects
Project № 503611-LLP-1-2009-1-NL-ERASMUS-ECDSP – “European Master in Social Work”, aimed at developing a European Master Programme in Social Work by an international consortium of university lecturers and pilot starting of training in English.
Project № 510837-LLP-1-2010-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECDSP – “Curriculum Development for a Joint Master in International Public Administration and Management”, aimed at developing a Master curriculum in Public Administration and Management in English.
Project Eastern European Cooperation” under a programme of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, aimed at stimulating teacher and student exchange between the partner universities.
Project Creation and Development of Centers for Entrepreneurship Promotion in Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria” (Contract 137/9.11.2009 between TU-Gabrovo and the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism.
International Cooperation
Each year, teachers and students from the Department implement mobility programmes, student practice and training in partner universities.
Partnership in ERASMUS Intensive Programme "Electronic Government"
Participation in the International Forum for Public Administration and Management – IFPAM
The Department and the Technical University of Gabrovo as an institution is a member of the European Network of Universities Offering Social Work Courses. Within the network weeks of international student exchange are held annually and hosting is implemented on the principle of rotation of the universities participating in the network.
Cooperation with External Organizations
The Department is a member of the Bulgarian Association for Social Work Education.
Besides the training of students and scientific research in various fields, the Department cooperates with the state governance and local administration structures, with NGOs, social institutions and commercial companies in the region.